Bascom Productions Presents the Art of Earl Bascom
Spurring high, wide, and handsome

Master Sculptor

Earl Bascom

Cowboy of Cowboy Artists

In a lifetime that spanned the 20th century, Earl Bascom experienced first-hand the dramatic changes of life and lifestyle for the working cowboy. From his birth in 1906 to his last days in 1995, Earl lived the life of the open-range era - a time when there were no fences and great herds of cattle roamed free. A time when it was possible to be a bronc buster, cowpuncher, trail driver, blacksmith, freighter, stagecoach driver, miner, trapper, wild horse chaser, rodeo champion, rancher, dude wrangler and Hollywood movie actor - all in the span of one lifetime. A lifetime so steeped in western traditions that few others could even imagine.

Earl Bascom
Earl W. Bascom

Fortunately for those of us who cherish our western heritage, Earl preserved many of his experiences in sculpture. His artistic abilities came naturally enough. Earl's father, Deputy Sheriff John W. Bascom, was a cousin to two great master artists of the Old West: Frederic S. Remington and Charles M. Russell. Just as his cousins' art told the story of the western frontier during the late 1800's and early 1900's, Earl's sculptures finish the story with hundreds of original works. Most of us can only dream of owning an original Remington and/or Russell piece of art. However, thanks to Bascom Productions, you can be a first-time owner of an original limited edition Bascom sculpture.

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